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Logitech BH320

Voici le casque BH320 proposé par Logitech.\r
Ce casque professionnel au design intra auriculaire est conçu pour être utilisé avec un ordinateur.

Universal Wireless Mobile Bluetooth Headphones Headset BH320

Dear sir Bomacro on eBay !
Buying on eBay Bomacro (164), which received no phone signal Blutooth for Headset Blutooth's this???
My purpose is not because one product, it is important that other people do not take time for the same product when buying on eBay. You can send a replacement product, or do not send if it is difficult for you.
Thanks !

Borche BH320 Molding Machine with Robot Take Out

Borche BH320 Molding Machine - High Speed Packaging Machine with Robot Take Out




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